We in RHA always think out of the box and hence introduce you this amazing machine which helps you sanitize your surrounding via fogging method.

The Fogger Sanitization Machine helps you to be and feel safe from ongoing epidemic.

Fogger Sanitization Machine

We introduce to you with this little Portable Spray Sanitizer which helps to fight us with ongoing epidemic and hence providing a great sanitization for all the products and items in your day to day life i.e money,car,hand,chair,doors,Anything and Everything. This pocket sized spray is for you as well as your loved ones to help keep you and your family safe.

Portable Spray Sanitizer

RH AGENCY brings to you the digital infrared non-contact, contactless thermometer at a very affordable prices.

Digital Infrared Thermometer

An initiative taken by us to tackle this ongoing epidemic upon us.As RHA we always think and act for community and hence we introduce you to HUMAN SANITIZATION SYSTEM. RHA FEEL SAFE.

Human Sanitation System